Progressive Bridges, Inc. collaborates with a team of highly skilled independent contractors representing a broad scope of experience and expertise in meeting client needs.  The corporation has authored curriculum for more than 20 companies and independent authors, with a curriculum reach expanding across the globe and impacting millions of young lives, especially in the area of social-emotional learning.  Progressive Bridges, Inc. has provided a variety of services to notable companies such as Continental, Inc., Cloud9World, Leaps, Vocabulary-Spelling City, Charity for Change, Hustle University, Vocabulary.com, Millionaire Manners, and many others. 

Progressive Bridges, Inc. meets the needs of parents, educators, administrators, schools, districts, public and private organizations (both for-profit and non-profit organizations), and ultimately, learners of all ages.  The company offers Parenting with Love & Logic, as well as Teaching with Love & Logic classes, and regularly supports 2 non-profit organizations with its service and funds.  In addition, the company embraces opportunities to collaborate with schools, colleges, and philanthropic organizations to enhance opportunities for learning locally and abroad.

Vision:  We recognize education as developing and motivating learning and thinking individuals, extending beyond schools into the local and global community.   We envision systems in which educators are empowered to positively reach every learner.  To accomplish this task, we believe that continuous research, collaborative problem-solving, and creative, progressive solutions are essential.

Professional Learning Network

  • We will connect and empower educators with progressive and research-based learning experiences, tools, and techniques to enhance every learner’s educational experience. 

Collaborative Consultation & Problem-Solving

  • We will collaboratively support educators in building progressive systems and tools to fuel solid intervention and rigorous learning. 

Research, Development, & Evaluation

  • We will empower educators with the most current data, research, and information focused on school improvement and student engagement possible. 

CEO & Founder

Progressive Bridges, Inc. was founded by Pamela L. Bruening, Ed.D., an educator of 27 years with teaching and administrative experience in private, public, and alternative education, spanning PK-College.  She recognized the need for an educational service company designed to bridge learning and experience gaps within rapidly changing education systems by providing educators, educational product providers, and other stakeholders with progressive solutions designed to maximize their positive impact on learners everywhere.  A global thinker, dreamer, and strategist, Dr. Bruening continues to expand the reach of Progressive Bridges, Inc. to learners everywhere.  

Design-Your-Own Workshops
Choose from a variety of workshop topics to design the best professional development for YOUR staff.
District/School Collaboration
Utilize a variety of our tools, your district or school data, and a collaborative problem-solvong process to increase forward movemnet of your organization toward increased student achievement.
Educational Product Development
Come to Progressive Bridges for top notch experience in product development and expansion for all kinds of educational products, programs, software, and curriculum.
Program Evaluation
Take your organization to a new level with timely data and research you can count on to increase your organization’s credibility.
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